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Children Conceived Without Consent

A recent Baltimore Sun editorial criticizes Maryland’s legislature for its failure to pass the Rape Survivor Family Protection Act for the ninth year in a row. Comparing the list of people responsible for the bill’s failure to a game of “Clue,” the Sun suggests several members of the legislature who could have acted to save the […]

Changes to Maryland’s Outdated Rape Definition Means Victims No Longer Have to Prove Physical Resistance

A recent Huffington Post article highlights upcoming changes to Maryland’s sexual assault statutes, modernizing the state’s law to clarify that victims of rape are never required to physically resist an attack. With the new law scheduled to go into effect in October, this change is a significant improvement which will make a difference in the lives of […]

NYT: Another Long Delay for Rape Custody Bill in Maryland

A recent New York Times article explains that bipartisan support in the General Assembly and Governor Larry Hogan’s (R) support of the Rape Survivor Family Protection Act were not enough to keep it alive. In a rare feat, the bill had support from a wide variety of organizations and perspectives, including the Maryland Catholic Conference and Planned Parenthood […]

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