Staff & Board

Lisae C. Jordan, Esq. – Executive Director & Counsel
Nyla Hendrick – Finance & Human Resources Manager
K. Tony Korol-Evans, PhD – Division Manager


MCASA’S Program Division Staff
Jenna Fisher – Program Coordinator (Training and Underserved Populations)
Elizabeth Wynkoop – Program Coordinator (SAFE/SART)
Rachel Yehoda – Program Coordinator (Prevention and Education)
Marcella Afro-Manu, J.D. – IPSL/PREA Project Analyst
Chelsea Wiggins, Esq.  College Policy Project Staff Attorney


MCASA’S Sexual Assault Legal Institute (SALI) Staff
Lisae C. Jordan, Esq. – Director
Asha Reynolds, Esq. – Managing Attorney
Jordyn Lueker, Esq. – Staff Attorney
Alexandra Hoskins, Esq.  – Staff Attorney
Shannon Berkey, Esq. – Staff Attorney
Katie Wicklund – Senior Bi-Lingual Legal Advocate
Juan Luis Ayllón Quirós – Bi-Lingual Legal Advocate
Jeanette Sternberg Lamb – Legal Advocate


MCASA’S Board of Directors  
Anne T. Bean, LCSW-C, President, Cecil County Department of Social Services
Mark Arsenault, Vice-President, Domestic Violence/Sexual Assault Center, Dimensions Healthcare
Major Victoria Brock, Secretary, Prince George’s County Police Department
Michele J. Hughes, Immediate Past President, Life Crisis Center
Laura J. Reagan, LCSW-C, Social Worker, Private Practice
Alice Wilkerson, Public Policy Partners