Baltimore youth nonprofit honors MCASA Board and staff members

MCASA program manager, Kathy Ferguson and Board members Laura Neuman, CEO, Howard County Economic Development Authority and Ann Quasman, WomanTalk Live were honored Thursday, November 17th at The Elements of a Black Tie Affair fundraiser to celebrate community leaders who are pushing Maryland forward.

The event hosted by SharperMinds Consultants, a nonprofit that offers support and opportunities to help sharpen Baltimore’s youngest minds, was held to raise funds to support their Annual Symposium on Dating & Domestic Violence and Interpersonal Relationships which aims to prevent dating violence and combat youth violence in Maryland through artistic and innovative learning for teenagers, adults, parents and professionals.

Kathy Ferguson is the program manager of MCASA’s Women of Color Network which recognizes that women of color are an under-served population in the area of sexual violence and strives to promote education, advocacy and leadership in communities in order to improve service delivery to victims.

Laura Neuman is the CEO of the Howard County Economic Development Authority and a MCASA Board member. Ms. Neuman founded the Laura Neuman Foundation to help other women get their cases reopened, actively investigated, and successfully resolved through the criminal justice system. Ms. Neuman, who is an outspoken survivor of sexual assault, believes that victims should speak out about their assaults in an effort to shed more light on this heinous crime.

Ann Quasman is the host of WomanTalk Live, a talk radio show that focuses on issues surrounding women today. In addition to serving on MCASA’s Board, Ms. Quasman is actively involved in bringing awareness to the issues that face women in their communities, such as sexual and domestic violence, as well as celebrating young women who are making a difference through Girls Gone Great.

The Maryland Coalition Against Sexual Assault (MCASA) is the statewide collective voice advocating for accessible, compassionate care for survivors of sexual assault, and accountability for all offenders. MCASA actively works to end sexual violence in the state of Maryland through public policy, community outreach, education, technical assistance and legal services.