Prevention Programs


MCASA’s Speak Up. Speak Out. focuses on engaging
bystanders in preventing sexual violence on college campuses statewide. Learn more or download and print brochures, fliers and fact sheets by visiting the Speak Up Speak Out website.



MCASA’s Power of One campaign was created to show the power that even one individual can have. It uses the three D’s* to portray the options you have when it comes to preventing sexual violence:

Be DIRECT: Walk up and intervene. Respectfully ask that the offender stop the behavior and explain to them why it’s wrong

DISTRACT: Use a diversion to stop the behavior. Walk up and ask for directions or ask for the time. If it’s someone you know, talk about something you have in common with them.

DELEGATE: Ask a friend, use the buddy system or call your local authorities to stop the behavior.

For more information or to download Power of One brochures, visit our Power of One page.





The Rape and Sexual Assault Prevention Program (RSAPP) was created by the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (DHMH) to reduce the statewide incidence of rape and sexual assault and improve service delivery to victims of this violent criminal act. The two main components of the Rape and Sexual Assault Prevention Program are a school-based component and a community-based component. To learn more, visit the RSAPP website.


Green Dot is a violence prevention strategy that teaches everyone personalized skills needed to stop rape, partner violence and stalking from happening. It also teaches each of us how we can promote safety in the environments in which we interact every day. To learn
more, visit the Green Dot website



Men Can Stop Rape’s mission is to mobilize men to use their strength for creating cultures free from violence, especially men’s violence against women. Instead of helping women reduce their risk of being victims of men’s violence, this campaign focuses on helping men use their strength in positive ways in all of their relationships. For more information, visit the Men Can Stop Rape website.


A Call To Men works to create a world where all men and boys are loving and respectful and all women and girls are valued and safe. Learn more by visiting the A Call To Men website.



Stop Street Harassment (SSH) is a nonprofit organization dedicated to documenting and ending gender-based street harassment worldwide. For more information, visit the Stop Street Harassment website.


Hollaback is a movement to end street harassment powered by a network of local activists around the world.  They work together to better understand street harassment, to ignite public conversations, and to develop innovative strategies to ensure equal access to public spaces. For more information visit the Hollaback website.