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Contact Legislators in Support of HB429– Respect Rape Victims Who Don’t Physically Resist

Support HB429 to Modernize Maryland’s Rape Law House Judiciary Committee Hearing 2/21 Call the House Judiciary Committee with Your Support Sexual assault victims should not be expected to physically fight off a rapist in order to obtain justice.  The current sexual assault statutes in Maryland require prosecutors to prove that a rapist used “force” or “threat […]

Support Rape Survivors Who Become Pregnant During Rape – Support HB428

Support the Rape Survivor Family Protection Act: House Judiciary Committee Hearing 2/9 Call Leadership With Your Support! The Maryland Coalition Against Sexual Assault (MCASA) continues to support legislation to limit the parental rights of rapists when the child was conceived through rape and to increase protections for rape survivors who have a child conceived through rape. […]

Contact Legislators in Support of SB217 – Respect Rape Victims Who Don’t Physically Resist

Contact Your Legislators: SUPPORT SB217 – Modernize Maryland’s Rape Law Sexual Assault Victims Should Never Be Required to Physically Resist a Sexual Assault Sexual assault victims should never be required to physically resist a rapist in order to obtain a conviction.  This year, lead sponsors Delegate Kathleen Dumais and Senator Delores Kelley introduced legislation in the […]

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March 23, 2017

MCASA's Capital Area Regional Campus Training-Open to Public

Location: University of Maryland, College Park, MD 20742, United States

Description: This training will be open to campus investigators, police, administrators and staff, counselors, students, and advocates in the Capital Area region.

The focus of the training will be sexual violence prevention and response on campus, with an emphasis on Investigation and Adjudication.

The training will address the following topics:

Special topics in investigation
Approaches to adjudication
Confidentiality: the individuals vs. the community
Campus safety planning and No Contact Orders
Campus policy, response and the LGBTQ community
Affirmative consent and the real world

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